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I'm a UI/Frontend Developer from Pune, INDIA. I aim to make a difference through my creative solution.

I believe, working towards client satisfaction, not only satisfies me but it also builds my own esteem to serve the society with utmost capabilities that I carry. Working on wide dimension of projects is always a FUN for me, clients from different industries, backgrounds and requirements lets me understand that industry. And that's how a UI person work for and work in a project.

Creating user-friendly and appealing application interfaces and websites is always area of intrest.

Name : Guruling Subhashrao Kumbhar
Address : Pune, Maharashtra, India
Email :
Phone : + 91 97677 02526
Skype : gurulingkumbhar




Sr. UI Developer @ e-Zest Solution Ltd.

Aug 2012 - Present

Working on developing websites, wherein I strives to develop immersive and accessible online experiences.

Web Designer @ LOFTBPO Services Pvt. Ltd

Feb 2012 - July 2012

Worked on website development.

Visual Artist @ Clearpoint Learning Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Oct 2011 - Jan 2012

Worked on the e-learning domains.

Creative Designer @ Shirdi Country Inns Pvt Ltd

Jun 2010 - May 2011

Worked on company website development and branding.

Web Designer @ GRES

Nov 2008 - May 2010

Worked on the Website Development, CBTs (computer based Trainings) Development

Faculty @ XDS

Oct 2007 - Nov 2008

Worked as a Faculty to teach web technology subject


Post Graduate Diploma in Multimedia | Xplora Design

2006 - 2008

PGPM is the most comprehensive multimedia program covering approximately 12-15 software and has one of the most in-depth curriculum starting from the fundamentals to the most advanced in Computer designing followed by Live Industrial projects. PGPM program is designed of optimum duration, keeping in mind that this course curriculum matches the most updated curriculum anywhere in the world, and fulfilling the job requirements of IT Industry.

Bachelor of Commerce | YCMOU Nashik

2004 - 2008

Studied Graduation simultaneously with the computer education.

Diploma in Art | Shri Computers

2003 - 2004

Learned designing fundamentals and tools like photoshop, illustrator, coreldraw etc



My Blog

How to vertical center align a login form or container DIV?

Often times, HTML developers are faced with a task of developing a login page where the form has to be horizontally and vertically aligned. To tackle this, some developers use margin from top and left to align the form centered to the parent container element.

While it may work for the fixed page size layout, it may not work in a responsive or fluid HTML development environment.

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Photoshop CS6 : ‘Save for Web’ Images Batch processing, keeping nested folder structure intact

Images are an integral and important part during any website or application development. It has a direct impact on the visual appearance & on the performance of the application/website. Higher in size, images take time to load and it slows down the page loading process. Whereas, inappropriate and low resolution images may be pixelated and they may degrade the look-n-feel of the visual.

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Working with 9 patch images for Android

The use of 9 patch images for Android development is to help keep the app lower in the size. We can use 9 patch images for the buttons & backgrounds. 9patch image works like the scalable Graphic in the android & we can define the scalable area of the image. It has a slightly different approach in creating the 9patch images

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HTML5 tools vs. Older Browsers

Newer technologies are bound to come up frequently and in order to cope up with these technologies, versions etc. one need to have a grasp on the know-how, useful links if any to delve deeper into the subject. This blog intends to unveil the various advantages of HTML5 as against older browsers.

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concept of responsive web design

Concept of Responsive Web Design

Things are changing in 2013. Companies are desperately wanting to brand their product and services using almost every media, including rapidly growing mobility computing. The obvious reason for this is people carry smartphone with them all the time and like to buy and search things on mobile itself. Mobile is a very good channel to be in touch with customers 24x7. This has increased the demand for mobile websites and apps by leaps and bounds.

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